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This functions provides the homepage packages

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You can choose from over 300 different and exclusive templates.
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Specific Customization
Customize your Website according to your wishes. Configurate your own individual colors, images, fonts, logo and texts.
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Provision of documents
Place your PDF files, Excel charts, videos, pictures or soundfiles on your website. Only with a few mouse clicks!
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Your own logo
Create easily you own logo for your website and increase therefore the professionalism of your website.
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Compact and intelligent system
You don't have to be professional. There are no long manuals you have to study. You can easily create new pages and edit them. With the „Drag and Drop“ function you can slightly integrate new content.
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Useful functions
Guestbooks, contact forms, picture galleries, password-protected areas, YouTube videos, Google maps, sitemaps, web counter and social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,…) can be easily added to your pages.

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